Major challenges that public schools face in Canada


There are so many different challenges that lurk around the public education system in Canada, with the educational structure requiring immediate improvements. It is important for stakeholders to identify the issues confronting public schools and try and increase the standards of education. Here are some major issues that are causing the problem.

Family problems and hardships:

Hardships have become a disturbing concern. A big percentage of school-age children live under or along the poverty level. Low-income students are a big part of the public school population. Those belonging to this class are probable to have the greatest ratio of dropouts. Moreover, students who lack proper nourishment are not likely to perform well in the school.

Family problems also add to the plight. The atmosphere the child gets in the house affects the child’s mental state and his or her ability to learn. Family issues include, divorce, separation, lack of guidance, and the like. A big problem is the complete refusal of parents to cooperate with the school teachers and administrators to take care of the needs of children.

Lack of proper technology:

It is very sad that a lot of times the students are savvier with technology in comparison to their mentors. Teachers have a hard time maintaining the focus and interests of children on completing schoolwork. This requires striking the right balance between technology and traditional learning. Meanwhile, a lot of public schools just don’t have any resources to get computers that are required in modern curriculum.

The morale of the teachers:

A big concern is the self-esteem of public school teachers. Few of these professionals are underpaid or do not have incentives that can offer them motivation to do well. Due to this, most efficient instructors seek employment at private institutes or look for jobs in other fields that require higher compensation and profitable career options.

Student Behavior

A big challenge that most public schools are facing is the attitude of children. Some negative traits include tardiness, lack of interest, malingering, and disregard for mentors and other officials of the school. Such issues are less often faced at the primary grades and are more common at the secondary level. This dilemma can be linked with the lack of parental commitment. A lot of parents do not even once visit the school the whole year. The involvement of parents is crucial in the right development of the student.

Public schooling is in need of a quick revamp so that the nation can produce better educated generations. Meanwhile, so many parents are shifting to homeschooling their children because they feel the environment at public schools is not conducive to the right development of the child.



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