Reasons why you should make gardening a part of the homeschooling curriculum


There is so much that children can learn from gardening. By working in a garden, your little one can experience the fulfillment that comes from caring for something over a period of time. Here are a few reasons to give gardening a try with your student.

Gardening helps to prevent the feared summer chant:  “I’m so bored!”

Sometimes boredom is a good thing as it pushes children to use their imaginations or makes them be more innovative and creative. However, sometimes children need something more constructive, and gardening offers that.  There are several chores such as, planting, fertilizing, watering, harvesting, weeding, and the like, that need tending. You never know when your little one may start showing interest for gardening and may even develop a keen interest.

Gardening helps in teaching responsibility.

If you wish to instill a certain sense of ownership in your children towards their families and homes then gardening can be a great tool. Little ones can help beautify their home by tending to plants and flowers and caring for vegetables.

Gardening teaches your little ones that proper attention and care can reap amazing rewards.

Your child learns a simple lesson:  If you take care of things the right way, they will grow, blossom, and produce amazing things.  If you neglect them, they wither.

This principle applies in so many areas of life. Right attention and care in our marriages, spiritual lives, our homeschools, our relationships, and our possessions can help in making all the difference in how things blossom for us in the future.

Children can learn about horticulture and botany.

Horticulture and botany are two different studies.  Botany is the study of plant life and plants while horticulture covers the artsy side of gardening, such as garden design and use of flowers and ornamental plants. Children can learn so much about both by trying new things in the garden.

Homeschooling should not only concentrate upon academic study. It must concentrate upon holistic development of the student by teaching strong values and character. Gardening is a great way to teach your children about commitment, responsibility and family values.


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