Homeschooling Don’ts

Not sure what to avoid while homeschooling? Here is a list of things you should not do as a homeschooling parent:

  1. Do not worry too much about what others think. Everybody has opinions about things, and some people like to voice their opinions whether you want them or not. In case you have created a vision statement, and know exactly why you have chosen to homeschool, then this is all you need. It does not matter what others think.
  2. Never compare. This is an important lesson for every parent. Comparing your children with others is not a wise practice. Every child is different and develops at a different rate. A great thing about homeschooling is that it can be molded as per the developmental capabilities of the child. Do not be bothered about your neighbor’s children, just concentrate on giving your child the best education and support and encourage them along the homeschooling journey!
  3. Do not let the curriculum dictate you. While it is a good idea to follow along with a pre-planned curriculum, but do not feel bounded by its demands. Try to make it work for you. If it requires 5 days a week, but you have four spots, then modify it to fit into your schedule. Try to combine lessons to make sure you don’t lag behind, or perhaps stretch it over a few years for fitting it all in. You can even decide to not finish the curriculum and just pull out the sections you wish to teach and skip the others.
  4. Don’t jump into the pool of homeschooling without consideration. Homeschooling is serious and cannot be taken lightly. Make sure you consider your family values, finances, time management, and goals.

Do not try to learn/ teach absolutely everything. When surfing online you will see several great activities and ideas that other families do. It can make you feel intimidated and inferior as a parent, and like you are not doing enough for your children. Make sure you follow your goals and vision for your family. Add extra activities and don’t feel like you have to do everything every year.


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