How to have fun with homeschooling?


Did you feel your children get bored when being homeschooled? Is there a need to liven up the school days with things that will help in keeping their attention?

Kindergarten and preschool

  1. Edible Counting: Make use of raisins, cereal, chocolate chips to teach children counting. Have them count aloud every time they take a bite. Keep adding more treats as they learn how to count higher. Your children will love this new method of learning numbers.
  2. Walking the Line: Take a paper roll and create blocks on the floor. Then write numbers or letters in order on every square. Let the child walk on the blocks to learn the alphabets or numbers.
  3. Connecting the dots: make use of dot-to-dot pictures for helping your children count as they connect every dot.

Grade First to Third

  1. Learning Math skills: Let the child practice subtraction and addition skills when playing. The children can count Legos as they subtract or add candy from a bowl. Their unbound imaginations can offer hours of subtraction and addition fun.
  2. Tower of words: Make use of magnetic words to create silly sentences and fun poetry that helps increase the child’s ability to create sentences on their own.
  3. Visualizing the story: When reading a story aloud, have your little one draw images of events taking place in the story.
  4. Creating Classmates: Let the little one bring a teddy or a doll to the reading class. Then ask them to read to their new “classmate.”
  5. Finding the Order: Ask your little one to perform a simple chore, such as making a jelly and peanut butter sandwich on their own, while following your directions. When doing so, take pictures of the child doing every step and take out a print of the pictures. Ask your little one to paste the images in order and write down directions that were given by you in every step. This will teach your child how a process is required to accomplish a given task.

Grades four to six

  1. Counting coupons: Let the child clip coupons and find out the amount of money they will save if they used the coupon. Couponing helps teach math skills and different ways of budgeting money.
  2. Become a reporter: Ask your child to create their own newspaper. They can interview different members of the family and friends. They can even glue pictures against every story.


  1. Scrapbooking: make your child scrapbook the area’s natural habitat. Include twigs, leaves, nuts, flowers, seeds, and feathers found during nature walks. Make sure your child gains knowledge about what they find.
  2. Fun with dress up: Pick a day in the week and make your child dress up like a personality from the history books. This will help them learn history in a fun way.

By thinking out of the box and being more hands on with your teaching techniques you can certainly make your children have fun with homeschooling.


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